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GPT and the Funds mutually view sustainability as core to their vision and values. Our purpose is to maximise the financial potential of Australian property with solutions that fulfil the aspirations of our investors, tenants and communities.

GPT’s integrated sustainability strategy addresses social and environmental aspects that are material to the business. Effective engagement and robust governance practices are central to the Group’s approach, which aims to improve the social, environmental and economic capital of the Group’s stakeholders and communities.

GPT is consistently ranked as one of the best performing property and real estate companies in international sustainability benchmarks. In the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), in 2017 GPT was ranked second in the Real Estate sector and leads the sector internationally for the social dimension of the index.

In 2017 GWOF improved in GRESB score by 4 points to 86 placing the fund in the top 7% of all respondents and maintaining “Green Star” status. GWOF top scores (100%) in the elements of Management, Policy and Disclosure and was GPT’s overall highest ranked submission.

The business case for reducing the environmental impacts is clear. If GWOF had continued to consume energy, water and resources at the same rate as they were consumed in 2005, GWOF and its tenants would have incurred $10.9 million of additional costs in 2016.

Integrated Reporting

GPT’s reporting is fully integrated across all communications including comprehensive sustainability data, case studies and information provided throughout GPT’s website. For expanded commentary on GPT’s performance and priorities as well as the Group’s comprehensive suite of policies covering its commitment to sustainability, visit: This report is designed to comply with the International Integrated Reporting Framework.

EY Assurance Statement

GPT engaged EY to undertake limited assurance procedures over a number of sustainability key performance indicators that the company deems material to its operations. This year GPT has applied the Global reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Comprehensive framework. EY’s assurance statement is available on GPT’s website at


Key Highlights

GWOF has achieved 5 star Green Star status for the 2017 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).
GWOF has been ranked in top 7% globally out of 823 GRESB participants, achieving the maximum score for Management, Policy and Disclosure. GPT has placed first or second on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for listed REITs globally for the last nine years.
Portfolio NABERS Energy rating = 5.5 stars, reflecting efficient buildings
increasingly operating on renewable energy
12 buildings are rated at 5.5 star
NABERS Energy or better.
$10.9 million avoided energy and water cost in 2016.
GPT is included in the STOXX Global ESG Leaders indices.

Sustainability Ratings

GWOF achieved Green Star status again in 2017 achieving a score in the top 7% of all respondents with a total score of 86. GWOF top scores (100%) in the elements of Management, Policy and Disclosure.

NABERS is a performance-based rating system for existing buildings. NABERS rates a building on the basis of its measured operational impacts on the environment, and provides a simple indication of how well a company is managing these environmental impacts.

Green Star Design/As Built assesses the design and construction of a building, whilst the Green Star Performance rating measures the broader operational performance of buildings inclusive of NABERS Energy and Water.